Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Paper Items

Cake... If we have one!

Loving the small, multiple cake idea. Similar cake plates and toppers unify them.

Simple, white on ivory.
These Martha Stewart cakes are gently girly, but not overbearing. Sweet:)

I love the antique feel, and the painted-on look of the details.

Simple and very beautiful!

Decorations and Details

Love the signs! Probably going to make these or my own rendition anyway...

Oh Mason Jar, how I love thee!

Vintage twinkle lights and candles, can you beat 'em?

Think outside the wall.

Hay bales don't seem like themselves when quilts are thrown in.

Fruit and nut decor is so tastey and inviting!

These little pillows from are so sweet and delicate!

Flower Inspiration



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